Trim Video Clip

You can trim your video clips in a pinch using our editor! If you have multiple videos in the same block, you can trim them individually, or you can trim the duration of the entire block at once. If one video clip is longer than the other, the shorter clip will end on the last frame until the other one finishes.

Trim the Length of the Entire Block

Click the scissors icon in the bottom right corner of the block to open the block trimmer.


From the editor, click and drag the blue bumpers to trim the video. When you’re done, click apply to finish, and you’re done!


Trimming Individual Video Clips

If you have two or more video clips in a block, you can trim those individually. Click on the video clip you want to trim, then click the scissors icon from the menu that appears. Drag the blue bumpers to set the trim of your block, and click apply when you’re done!


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