Media Upload Guidelines and Requirements

Below is a definitive list of accepted file formats you can upload to your Animoto project. You'll also find our recommended best practices to ensure uploaded images and video clips look crisp in your videos!


  • We accept images formatted as JPG, GIF, PNG, HEIC*, WEBP* and TIFF*. 
  • Your images can be up to 30mb in size.
  • We recommend uploading images up to 2000 pixels on the longest edge at 72dpi, using the sRGB colorspace for best quality. For reference, Full HD video is 1920 pixels wide.

*HEIC, WEBP, and TIFF files are only accepted in Animoto 3

Video Clips

  • We accept the following formats: MP4, AVI, MOV, QT, 3GP, M4V, MPG, MPEG, MP4V, H264, WMV, MPG4, MOVIE, M4U, FLV, DV, MKV, MJPEG, OGV, MTS, MVI, M2TS, and WEBM
  • You can upload video clips up to 400mb
  • Your video clips can be up to 20 minutes long

Audio Files

  • We accept mp3, AAC, and m4a files. 
  • Your audio file can be up to 20mb in size 
  • Your audio file can be between 5 seconds and 20 minutes in length.
  • We are unable to support streaming audio (such as Apple or Spotify music) so you may need to download an offline copy to upload to your Animoto project. 


  • We accept .otf, .ttf', and .woff files

Upload Troubleshooting

If you receive an error message while uploading, double-check that your media files meet our upload requirements before trying again. If you are still receiving an error, you may need to reformat it. Although your media may be the correct size and format, it is possible that it is encoded in such a way that our system isn’t able to read it. Here are some websites that can fix this quickly!

Reformatting Audio

Reformatting Video Clips

Reformatting Images 


See also: Uploading Troubleshooting 

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