Sharing your Animoto video

So you’ve finished your masterpiece - now what do you do with it? Share it with the world!

There are all different ways you can share your videos. You can post your video directly to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and more. You can also download, embed, and email your videos. You’ll see all of these options under the SHARE section on the play page once you’ve produced your video.


How do I share to my Facebook business page?

To share your video to a page you manage on Facebook:

  1. Click on the Facebook button under the “SHARE” section
  2. Select "PAGES" (you may be prompted to log into your Facebook account if it’s your first time sharing your video)
  3. Choose the Facebook page you manage
  4. Click POST

My video looks blurry when uploaded to Facebook

Your video looks great when you download it, but when you tried to share and upload it to Facebook it’s blurry. The reason for this is because Facebook compresses uploaded videos to save space, so your video may be playing at a lower resolution by default.

There’s an easy way to clear this up (see what we did there?)! Just log into your Facebook account, and click on the triangle in the upper right hand corner. Click on Settings > Videos > Video Default Quality and select “HD if available”. Once you select the HD option on your video you’ll see that it becomes much clearer.

Adding a call-to-action

Adding a call-to-action is a great way to get your audience engaged. To add a call-to-action button to your video:

  1. Click on "Settings" under the “OPTIONS” section of your video play page
  2. Check off the box that says “Show call-to-action button”
  3. Enter your button label and URL
  4. Click SAVE

The call-to-action button will be displayed on your video play page and embedded videos.


Embedding your video

You can also embed your video directly on your website or blog. Here’s how:

  1. Click the "Embed" icon under the “SHARE” section of your video play page
  2. Choose your embed options (video size, default quality, audio volume) and whether you’d like the video to autostart, loop, etc.
  3. Click the COPY TO CLIPBOARD button to copy the embed code
  4. Paste the code into your website’s HTML


Sharing via email

We make it easy for you to share your video via email. There is no attaching or uploading of files necessary.

To share your video via email:

  1. Click the "Email" icon under the “SHARE” section of your video play page
  2. Enter the email addresses you want to send your video to, and include a message if you’d like
  3. Choose whether you’d like your video to be emailed right away or on a specified date
  4. Click the SHARE VIDEO button

The people whose email addresses you entered will receive an email from Animoto with a link to check out your video. They’ll be able to share, like, and comment on your video if you’ve allowed social sharing/comments in your video’s settings.


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