Extending Video Length Past 20 Minutes (Animoto Memories - legacy tool)

Hi there! This article is about Animoto Memories, our original slideshow creation tool. As a company we've decided to focus our energy on making updates and improvements to our newest offering, Animoto 3. That just means there won’t be any new updates or changes to Animoto Memories going forward. If you love using Animoto Memories though, we will always be here to support you if you have any questions! Click here to learn more about Animoto Memories.

Basic and Professional subscription plans allow for up to 600 images in each Animoto Memories slideshow video, with up to 10 songs and the ability to create slideshows up to 20 minutes in length.

Animoto slideshow videos stop when the music runs out or when there's no more photos or video clips left to display -- whichever comes first. So, depending on the length and tempo of the song chosen, you may want to add more video clips and photos or change the pacing of the images to match the length of the song. 

The maximum video length is 20 minutes. To create a longer video with similar content, you can create a separate project by making a copy of the video. After completing and producing the project, you can download your individual videos from the site to your computer and combine them using Quicktime or Windows Media Player

You can also download your Animoto Memories videos and upload them as video clips to a new Animoto 3 project. Just be sure to mute or remove the soundtrack before exporting! 

Note: You can also use these same methods if you want multiple styles within a video or to simply combine videos

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