FAQ’s for Administrative Approval


What is a brief description of the product?

  • Animoto is an easy to use, cloud-based video creation service that allows you to upload media assets and generate videos online

What hardware and software is required to use Animoto?

Is Animoto available online/offline?

  • Animoto is only available online and cannot be used without internet access.

What is required to start using Animoto?

  • Animoto can be accessed as soon as an account is created with an email address and password.

What sites need to be whitelisted to override restrictive internet access?

Can we sign in with a Google Account?

  • Yes, you can sign in with Google and Facebook accounts.

Does Animoto Integrate with Office 365?

  • Animoto does not integrate with office 365 

How can we get technical support from Animoto?



Who can see my Animoto Videos?

  • All videos are totally private unless you actively share your video's link with others and/or post it elsewhere. No one can search for, or access your video without a link to the video.

What data does Animoto collect and is Animoto GDPR/COPPA Compliant?

What country is data stored in?

  • The United States.



Do you support One Roster API

  • We do not currently have an integration with One Roster.

Is there an Age requirement to use Animoto

  • Animoto users must be at least 13 years of age. Animoto users under the age of 13 can use Animoto under the conditions outlined in our Education Terms of Service


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