Managing Auto Renewal

Your account automatically renews when your plan ends if you have auto-renewal turned on.

You can check if auto renew is turned on by going to your Account page while logged in.

You can turn off auto-renewal anytime and it won't affect your subscription since it's paid up front at the start of the billing cycle. We recommend keeping it on so you don't risk losing the upgraded editing features on your videos if your subscription lapses. It also ensures that you always pay the same price even if the pricing of our plans change!

For more information, check out  What Happens When My Plan Expires?

We recommend turning auto renew off 48 hours in advance to ensure that the payment is not automatically processed. You can turn auto renew off under the Billing tab on the Account page while logged in.  Scroll down to Automatic renewal and toggle the slider to off.

Toggling the slider to off will cancel your current subscription and open the pop up to select a reason for canceling. After you select a reason, click continue to finalize your subscription cancellation.

Note: You must complete all the prompts otherwise your subscription will renew automatically! 

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