Unrecognized or Unauthorized Charges from Animoto

If you see a charge from Animoto that you weren’t expecting, we can help! Please reach out to the Customer Team first so we can assist you. Here are some common scenarios and how to remedy them: 

Charged by Animoto but you don’t have an account

If you share your computer or billing details with friends, family, or colleagues it’s a good idea to check with them if they have recently signed up for Animoto. If you aren’t able to locate your account, you can contact the Animoto Customer team at Help@Animoto.com with as much of the following information possible and we will be able to assist you:

  • The last 4 digits of the card charged
  • The billing postal code
  • The date and amount of the recent charge
  •  Name on card that was charged *If purchased with PayPal, please also include the email address the PayPal account is under
  • Any possible email addresses that you may have used in the past

Auto-Renewal was turned on

Your Animoto subscription will renew automatically unless auto renewal is disabled.  To turn off auto-renew, you will need to follow all of the prompts to the end to finalize it. If you aren’t able to locate the account or need help disabling auto renewal, please contact us so we can help.

Charged after canceling 

We recommend turning off auto-renewal 48 hours before the next renewal date to ensure that the payment is not automatically processed. If auto-renewal was turned off and you still see a charge, it is possible that you have a different account which was charged. Please contact the Animoto Customer Team with the charge information so we can help you locate it.

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